Focus on industrial solutions and vehicle exhaust

Focus on industrial solutions and vehicle exhaust

31 oktober 2014 On October 10th Plymovent Group BV has sold all shares of Plymovent BV (Plymovent’s operating entity for the ETS/IAQ business in The Netherlands) to Parelinvest.

Parelinvest (“PI”) is a privately owned company with participations in small and medium sized businesses in the Netherlands.

The spin-off of the Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) business is a logic step in Plymovent Group’s strategy to focus on industrial applications such as the ventilation and extraction of welding fumes, vehicle exhaust fumes and oil mist.

Naturally Plymovent Group continues to invest, innovate and grow in the field of Industrial Products (IP) and Exhaust Extraction (EE). Our operating entities, contact persons and contact details remain the same. We look forward to continue to serve our customer base with high quality and effective solutions in the field of:

  • extraction and filtration of fumes, smoke and (oil) mist from metal fabrication processes like welding, cutting, tooling and machining (IP).
  • extraction of hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions from a variety of vehicle types in service garages, automobile plants, emergency service stations, and more (EE).

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