ControlPro-HMI update history firmware

Update history HMI

[Version 4.0.17]

  • Added cloud connection functionality (connection to ControlPro Connect)
  • Changed time settings to enable automatic time syncing for cloud connected systems.
    • Removed automatic DST setting
    • Added automatic date and time adjustment option
  • Changes static-IP settings options to enable entering a NTP server IP
    • Removed broadcast address
    • Added NTP server IP address
  • Several small bug fixes and performance improvements.


[Version 3.7.5]

  • USB functionalities now work on the USB port of the ControlPro/HMI instead of the internal USB port inside the ControlPro/Panel:
    • Backup and restore settings
    • Export overall event log
    • Import language files
  • Updated HTML interface for proper operation in Chrome version 80 and higher
  • Several small bug fixes.


[Version 3.5.1]

  • Added lock mode for homescreen function, see “5.7 Lock mode”.
    • Complete new function to create an extra password protection on the controlling functions of the home screen (start/stop fan, extra timer settings, STOP, manual cleaning).
  • Make Ethernet setting available.
    • Static IP  (IP Address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, Broadcast address, DNS).
  • Several small bug fixes.


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